In November 2018 a highly valued puppets collection from St. Mary Church in Gdańsk was sent to workshop. Urging state of puppets helped with the effort to preserve this treasure of the cultural heritage from the progressive degradation.

Puppets were keeped in old briefcase

These unique dolls were made probably in the 1940’s or 1950’s for Jasełka - Cavalcade of Magi.


Kept in the storage in an open suitcase they became dirty and the fabrics started to fissure and break down.

Puppets were kept in an old briefcase

In the beginning dirt was removed with dry and soft brushes, then distilled water for wooden parts was used. We decided to make some treatments like local consolidation and disinfection to preserve puppets from processing destruction. Two-part textile cover was added on.

Attested cotton was chosen. Textile was boiled for an hour, dried and ironed. Then two covers was sewn with a sewing machine.


Dolls were returned to a cleaned suitcase and arranged in three layers.